Cargo Control Tie Downs and Binders

Industrial Splicing & Sling, LLC

Cargo control, including winch assemblies and ratchet tie downs for flatbed trucks and trailers, is a crucial area where quality and attention to detail cannot be compromised. Be sure your loads meet both national and state DOT regulations with Industrial Splicing & Sling’s full line of cargo control equipment. We carry synthetic tie downs, ratchet tie downs, winch assemblies, wear pads, corner protectors, ratchet load binders, lever binders, transport chain and more.

Rely on Industrial Splicing & Sling to ensure your load is properly secured to protect the safety of your drivers, their cargo, and other vehicles on the road. Ask us about our:

  • Synthetic tie downs for trucking, 1" to 4" webbing width.
  • Ratchet tie down assemblies, 1" to 4" webbing width.
  • 3" and 4" wide winch assemblies for flatbed trucks.
  • Wear pads and corner protectors for synthetic webbing.
  • Tie down chain/boomers, 20' standard length.
  • Capability to fabricate custom lengths for tie down chains and assemblies.
  • Complete stock of ratchet load binders and lever binders.
  • Complete stock of Grade 70 transport chain.

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