Lifting and Spreader Beams

Lifting and Spreader Beams

Industrial Splicing and Sling is an exclusive supplier of Caldwell lifting and spreading beams that comply with ASME standards. Designed to lift and move items weighing ½ to 80 tons, our lifting beams can be configured for a wide variety of load capacities and geometries. Swivel hooks, multiple spreads/hook positions, adjustable bails and other options and accessories will handle balanced and unbalanced loads of all shapes and sizes. In addition to identifying the lifting/spreading beam that is ideal for your indoor or outdoor application, we can also specify the required lifting sling/wire rope assembly, synthetic webbing sling, round sling and fittings, hardware and accessories to meet your lift’s specifications. Contact our lift specialists today to discuss your lifting requirements and learn more about:

  • Adjustable lifting beams with 1¼ to 5 ton capacities
  • Fixed and adjustable spreader beams with chain or wire rope rigging for loads from ½ to 7 tons
  • Adjustable bail lifting beams with capacities from ½ to 20 tons
  • Adjustable spreaders with capacities up to 15 tons
  • Fixed spreader beams to lift loads from 2 to 40 tons
  • High-capacity beams for 50 to 80 ton loads
  • High-capacity adjustable spreaders to lift and move loads from 20 to 40 tons
  • Custom configurations for your particular applications

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