Rigging & Lifting Safety White Papers

Safety Information That You Need

At the heart of any effective safety program is a constant effort to ensure that employees have the proper knowledge and skill for all aspects of their job. Rigging and lifting clearly is an operation that has been shown to require knowledge and skills as "More employees are injured in industry while moving materials than performing any other single function."1

As a supplier of lifting and rigging equipment, Industrial Splicing & Sling has a responsibility to support our customers' safety efforts. To accomplish this, each quarter, we publish two "Technical & Safety White Papers" covering subjects that are important to our customers. This information can be used in safety meetings, toolbox talks, management meetings and other meetings critical to plants operations and construction projects. To ensure that the information is understood and useful, we personally deliver the new information and cover it, each quarter.

Each of these "Technical & Safety Information White Papers" contain the following sections:

  1. Reference materials on the subject
  2. Discussion, or Industrial Splicing & Sling's view of the material
  3. What Industrial Splicing & Sling can do to support you, our customer
  4. Questions and answers you can use to understand the information

To manage these white papers and to make them as effective as possible, we provide to our customers an attractive collection binder. As we develop additional information each quarter, the binder allows materials to be organized for effective access. The binder also contains a section that allows for the retention of practical forms and information that helps solve daily rigging issues. This is entitled "Supplemental Material."

If you believe this information may be beneficial for your company's lifting and rigging safety efforts, please contact us for further information.

(1) U.S. Department Of Labor, Voluntary Compliance Outreach Program, OSHA Training Institute.

White Paper Index:

White Papers 2nd Quarter 2014

  • Hardware Inspection-Hooks 6/10/14

White Papers 1st Quarter 2014

  • Eyebolt and Swivel Hoist Ring Inspection 2/12/14
  • ASME BTH-1 Design of Below-the-Hook Devices 2/12/14

White Papers 4th Quarter 2013

  • Synthetic Round Sling Inspection 11/1/13
  • Hardware Inspections-Shackle 11/1/13

White Papers 3rd Quarter 2013

  • Webbing Sling Inspection 8/12/13
  • Manual Chain Hoist Inspection 8/12/13

White Papers 2nd Quarter 2013

  • Wire Rope Sling Inspection 1/15/13
  • Load Testing 3/25/13
  • Chain Sling Inspection 4/15/13

White Papers 1st Quarter 2013

  • Lift Planning 12/01/13
  • The Qualified Rigger 2/01/13
  • Hook Latches 2/01/13

Supplemental Material Worksheets

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